Food Myths, Debunked

These food myths have us questioning everything about what we eat

Aug 29 2015

Food Myths, Debunked

by  Mike Rothschild

Few aspects of modern life have more myths, misconceptions, and urban legends devoted to them than food. After all, everyone needs to eat. Myths about food and nutrition are incredibly prevalent, incredibly lucrative, and most of all, virtually impossible to get rid of. Urban legends related to how much water we should drink and what cooking does to certain types of foods have been around for decades. And because of the growth of alternative medicine, they’ve been joined by myths about microwaves, carbohydrates, sugar, and fat.

These food myths have us questioning everything about what we eat, and more than that, obsessing about it in ways we never have before. The internet has fueled our paranoia about food and what’s in it, giving us access to unlimited information – much of it biased, incorrect, or written solely in the service of expensive fad diets and “cleanses.” So anywhere you look, you can find chemicals to avoid, additives that will kill you, types of cooking that are harmful, and foods that nobody should ever eat.

Is any of this true? Are any of the urban legends, nutrition myths, false food facts, and assumptions about food and cooking actually true? Most aren’t – and the reasons why they’re not have solid scientific evidence supporting them. Here are some the most prevalent. Many of these are pretty harmless, but others can inflict great damage to both your body and your wallet.

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