28 Products All College Students Should Own

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Aug 22 2015

28 Products All College Students Should Own

by Coy Jandreau

College is a very strange time in any young scholar’s life. You’re off by yourself for the first time, you’re in a whole new place, and you’re quickly realizing you don’t know how to do a lot of things you took for granted. Laundry? Paying utilities? Making every single meal? How do people do it?

There’s a whole new world to learn at college, but there are some things you can buy to help make the journey a little bit easier. We wanted to make a college supplies list that’s actually helpful, with things every college student really needs. You won’t find pencil sharpeners or three-ring binders on this college checklist. You already know you need those boring old college school supplies for class.

Instead, we’ve compiled a list college supplies that’s packed with stuff that will make you feel good and put you ahead of the curve when it comes to eating, cleaning, partying, and generally winning at college life. These are the things every college student needs.

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